We are pleased to invite you to Anna Virnich’s exhibition “Song of Minerals” at Kunstverein Heppenheim.

“The new cycle of artworks has a relief-like Atlas character. Together with the various colour fields (alabaster, lapis lazuli, granite, quartz, …), they can be read as part of Virnich’s legend. In this way, “Song of Minerals” becomes a sensual textile topography that evokes hidden glow and secret places“ Maximiliane Leuschner

ADRESSE Kunstverein Heppenheim // Bahnhofstr. 1 // 64646 Heppenheim
INFOS www.kunstverein-heppenheim.de

Anna Virnich’s works are like a speculative narrative. Since her childhood Virnich has been collecting fabrics, clothes, blankets, and covers, which she deconstructs, exposes to the weather, bleaches, dyes, and even paints, to turn them into images, spaces, and worlds. In doing so, her “pictures” resemble paintings and are at the same time objects, extremely corporeal, but also ghostly empty – constructs built from Helen Frankenthaler’s liquefied colour landscapes, the post-minimal corporeality of Paul Thek, the silver foil transcendence of Warhol’s Factory. Everything in Anna Virnich’s paintings is a shell, a membrane through which something enters or leaves: “part of interconnections and an exchange of substances, technology, bodies, visual worlds, of the light of your eyes,” as Baptist Ohrtmann writes. Together the textiles create an abstract narrative about becoming, passing, painting, birth, artificiality, and science fiction

Anna Virnich was born in Berlin, (DE), in 1984. She lives and works in Berlin, (DE)