Kensise anders | max mucha | daniel topka

09. September – 28 october 2023
Kensise Anders, Isolated, Installation View, Robert Grunenberg, 2023, Installation View, Robert Grunenberg, 2023
Robert Grunenberg is delighted to announce three solo exhibitions by Kensise Anders, Max Mucha and Daniel Topka.

Kensise Anders

Max Mucha
Slinky People

Daniel Topka
Hieronymus’ Garden

Robert Grunenberg
09.09.2023 – 28.10.2023

Robert Grunenberg is pleased to present a “Triple Solo Exhibition” with Kensise Anders (b. 1997), Max Mucha (b. 1995) and Daniel Topka (b. 1992) from September 9 to October 28, 2023. For the artists, it is the first major solo presentation in a gallery. All three work predominantly figuratively, with “classical” materials and media (painting, ceramics, sculpture). Again and again, there are references to arts and crafts, fashion, to techniques that are connoted as feminine, domestic or self-taught. 

For example, Kensise Anders uses crochet techniques to give her paintings an almost sculptural, physical form and to negotiate death, dying, isolation, but also existential freedom. In his paintings, reminiscent of past eccentric and queer movements of classical modernism, Max Mucha addresses the ambivalent relationships between individual and community, culture and nature. Daniel Topka’s sculptural works, vases that seem like the feet of animals or monsters, eyeballs that serve as lamps, are based on two sheets/ pen and ink drawings by Hieronymus Bosch. The works, which at first seem surreal and fantastic, deal with the interpretation of proverbs and pictorial riddles, the complex relationship between language, image and likeness. 

All three positions are also united by a sensual, artisanal, haptic approach to the work. This tendency does not represent a backlash against the virtual and digital, nor denotes a “return” to the authentic, but rather a desire to develop a more undogmatic, open, intuitive practice.   

Text by: Oliver Koerner von Gust

Exhibition on view
9 September – 28 October 2023

For more information, please contact the gallery:  mail@robertgrunenberg.com

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